… because people make the business …


At Nan Cuna it’s all about development. Development of people and teams and development of
organisations. Nan Cuna is a reliable partner for more then 20 years. Team development is the engine of a company. Because people are the company and if they work together as a real team, the company gets wings.
And you can get even more out of your teams. With your teams and our change & innovation programs you make a leap forward. Team development resonate with change & innovation, we call this ‘Earning while Learning’.


Get more out of yourself, out of each other and out of the whole. Team learning is about more than just working together: it is about getting each other known, it is about trusting, addressing and complementing each other, but also about creativity, talents, leadership and change.


You can talk about working together (and we do), but you have to do it! Because action + reflection = learning. That is why you will find outdoor tracks, a special training escape room and other indoor and outdoor activities on our campus, in addition to experienced trainers. There is a
lot possible, from a light variant (a half-day) to a complete boot camp. From content (and interaction) to mostly active.
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Cross-functional teams go through an intensive development program and work on strategic projects in their own organisation. Development and real change go together. This approach – developed in Sweden – has already made many international companies successful in complex change processes and also in the Netherlands Nan Cuna has successfully applied this in the past 20 years. Now available for every company, small and large. Knowing more? Contact us!


Deepen the development of a team by exploring a theme in an interactive way. Think of M.B.T.I, Belbin or Disk but also broader issues such as team leadership or self-management. Or practical matters such as giving and receiving feedback. Theme workshops are informative and highly interactive, in many cases active practicing, sometimes among each other and sometimes with an actor.
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The need for change and innovation is not new to companies. The speed with which this must happen is. The old manners are no longer adequate but fortunately there are some techniques that work, even work very well. Whether it is about changing your own organisation or about innovation of products or services, Nan Cuna is happy to help you out!


One to three days with your team to intensively build the solution for a problem or a new service or product. The team consists of 10 to 40 people simultaneously, all involved in the present subject but preferably from as many different perspectives as possible. We are ready to guide your team to great successes!
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“If you keep doing what you always did, you will get what you always got.” Confucius already knew: if a company has to change the course, then there must also be a change in ‘habitual behaviour’, a change of culture. Contrary to what many people think, cultural change can be a great experience for all those involved that also immediately generate money. Want to know more about culture change Nan Cuna style? Feel free to contact us!


Design Think is a powerful method to turn every group of people into a creative team. It does not do miracles but brings structure into the creative process. And in such a way that change and innovation go faster and remain affordable. It does in change and innovation what Agile does in software development. And just like with Agile, Design Think is mainly about principles that are tailor-made to your specific change or innovation process by experienced supervisors. Like to know what Design Think can do for your organisation? Feel free to contact us!


Partly hidden behind the greenery on the ‘West Friese Omringdijk’, which is called ‘Kreil’, you will find a place where groups develop into teams, where people learn more about themselves and where creative solutions for complex issues are found.
Welcome to the Nan Cuna Campus!


Where do you get your best ideas? Probably not in an average classroom or meeting room. The fact that the environment has a major influence on learning ability and creativity has long been known scientifically and we gratefully used this knowledge when building our campus. The result is a campus dedicated to excel: indoor and outdoor rooms, action and reflection, inspiration and hands-on. In an almost homely atmosphere that makes every participant feel right at home.
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There is a room for every sphere: In the Theater you will find the stage for ideas, in the Kitchen you can talk at the kitchen table, the Reflection Room invites you to engage in a profound dialogue and in the Library you will find the peace of mind and a good conversation. In the Mirror Hall you can be mirrored by a horse and in the Escape Room you dive with your team into the mysterious world of the Incas.
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A even part of the development process takes place outside. Here the Campus offers various ‘outdoor rooms’. From the Terrace – with an open and a covered outdoor room – we arrive at “the Nan Cuna”, the Inca path. Behind it we find the Food Forest. At the back of the Campus we find the sandy path that leads us along the Paddocks where we mirror with a horse, along the orchard and along the outside track where we can do outdoor exercises in rainy weather.
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Webcast Het Nieuwe Trainen

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Mensen maken het verschil in iedere organisatie, groot en klein. Sterker nog, Kotter en Cohen besluiten hun zoektocht naar ‘de beste veranderstrategie’ met “Our main finding, put simply, is that the central issue is never [...]


Peter Fekkes and José Oud form the heart of Nan Cuna, we also work closely together with a solid core of learning coaches, trainers and training actors.
On the Nan Cuna campus – 40,000 m2 of space for development on some 65 traffic-free kilometers from Amsterdam – people get more out of themselves, much more. It is no coincidence that in 2017 we were proclaimed entrepreneur of the year.